The Second Advent by John Hoffman

The Second Advent (Reproduction) Oil 26"x16" $100.00 Available The Second Advent

Please consider helping a brother and his ministry. Thank you and God bless!

The Oasis Church is a loving, Spirit-filled Church. Currently, we meet on Sunday morning at 10:30 AM., at 2102 Old Hardin Rd, in Billings, MT.

Pastor John & Linda cover all areas of the Christian life in God's precious Word. However, other areas which are not covered by most Christian churches, such as spiritual warfare, deliverance, end-time preparation and prophecy, (without the escapism which is promoted by so many) are also taught at The Oasis.

Pastor Kyle says Occupy until I come, (Luke 19:13) not prepare to get out of here, at any moment. The Oasis is about hope, grace, love, freedom and growing up into Christ.

You will not find legalism at The Oasis! At the Oasis, we believe in miracles, signs, and wonders. In fact, we not only believe in them, but we expect them to happen on a regular basis!

So, come as you are and be blessed. Lets grow together in God's wonderful, indescribable Word, grace, and freedom! We look forward to ministering to you!


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